Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What types of digital freebies do you like?

Just curious as to what type of freebies are your favorites? Alphas, clustered frames, quick pages, mini kits, etc?  Anything else?

Does a freebie ever drive you to purchase the coordinating kit it was created from?

Okay, so here's a little freebie for you....

You can find my Chocolate Kisses kit HERE.  Use coupon code "CKTODAY"
to get 30% off today.

You can get your freebie by simply paying with a tweet or a facebook post.


  1. Well mini kits would be my favourite but I think I will be missing out on quite a few freebies anyway as I neither have nor want a twitter or facebook account at the moment *sob*. My loss. Thanks anyway - keep up with the great designs!

  2. I love QPs. Thank you. Cool idea about 'paying' with a Tweet. Haven't seen that before.

  3. If I had to post your ad on Facebook or Tweet it to receive your freebie, I certainly would not buy your kits. A lot of people don't Tweet or post on Facebook, and I don't either.

  4. Mini kits, definitely... But I can't post on facebook. I tried, would love to have that cute frame above, but it didn't work :( What do I do?