Monday, July 19, 2010

Photographic Work

I was digging through some old photos this weekend.  You know the kind that used to come in an envelope with a set a negatives?  That's right, pre-digital camera pictures.  I have many shoe box size boxes of prints that I need to go through and scan someday.  Anyway, as I thumbed through my old prints, it became quite clear that I was not a good photographer in the old days.  I like to think I have improved some, but I noticed that I still have a tendancy to want the entire scene in my photo.  What typically ends up happening is that I have a great landscape type picture with a tiny subject in the middle.  When I look at other artists layouts and see those great close up shots of their kids and family, I love it.  So my goal, this weekend, was to work on my close ups.  Thankfully I was able to get my kids to agree to help me in this area and so became the pictures for my next layout.
This layout was completed with a kit called Beach Fun
by Jen C Designs

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  1. Love it! Great pics of the kiddos. Love the kit too. You really inspire me.